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History of National Corrections Conference

For decades districts, areas and states have held Corrections Conferences and Workshops. They've been enormously helpful for sharing solutions, helping understand the clearance process, building enthusiasm and getting more people involved in corrections work.

For years, we've also heard the question, "What if we had a National Conference? What if we could share solutions from Texas to Toronto, California to the Carolinas, New Orleans to Newfoundland?"

Corrections was certainly the focus at the 2015 International Convention in Atlanta, including having a main speaker currently serving time in a Georgia prison. Also, given the success of the BTG Workshop starting in 1993, the National Archives Workshop in 1996, and more recently the National A.A. Technology Workshop - why not a National Corrections Workshop focused on how we carry the message behind the walls?

The trustees' Committee on Corrections sent out a questionnaire to corrections chairs, H&I chairs, and delegates asking if they saw a need for an annual North American Corrections Conference. The response was a very strong, "Yes!" There was also a question, "Would your committee consider hosting the event?" The answers came in, "You bet we'd consider it!" "Absolutely!" "We'd be Honored!"

An advisory Council was formed and that group conscience decided on a time of year (early November) and a location for the first conference: St. Louis, Missouri (where A.A. Came of Age ) and they made history again with nearly 400 people attending from throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Several areas came to St. Louis to present bids to host the 2018 or 2019 conferences. Through the Third Legacy Process, it was decided to go to Maine in 2018 and Southeast Texas in 2019. The Advisory Council remains in place to insure the future integrity of the National Corrections Conference.

NCC Bid Process

  1. Bids for hosting the National Corrections Conference to be held 2 years from the current event will be presented in person during the Business Meeting of the current year. It is suggested that copies of the proposal, including date, location, room rate, and banquet cost (if one will be provided), be available when the bid is presented. Please provide costs in U.S. dollars.

  2. The date for the National Corrections Conference will be the 1st or 2nd full weekend of November.

  3. Bids will be considered for a location within the 93 delegate areas that attend the General Service Conference.

  4. It is important that the proposed site have convenient access to major transportation; sufficient sleeping rooms; sufficient meeting room size; a hospitality room; space for Archives, Grapevine, and Literature (especially as it relates to Corrections and Bridging the Gap); and availability of nearby restaurants.

  5. Selection will be determined by vote of all AA members present at the business meeting using the Third Legacy process

  6. Host Committee Chairpersons should be available to participate in Advisory Committee conference calls during the planning process. Further it is requested that rotating Host Chairpersons continue in an advisory capacity after their event, as needed.

National Corrections Conference Guidelines

Guidelines Approved Oct. 3, 2019

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